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Online Play
1) Make sure you have a copy of WinZip installed on your computer. You will need this program to easily open any .Zip files.
2) Go to Dragon Studios and download the latest version of the Apprentice Program.
3) Download and install The Pokemon Patch directly into the Apprentice Program.
In order to do this, simply open up the Apprentice program using Windows Explorer. Drag the Sets folder and the 3 .dat files into it (they should overwrite the existing files on Apprentice). That's it!
The Pokemon patch is NOT supported by Apprentice or Dragon Star Studios and is not endorsed by Wizards of the Coast.
4) Playing the Game
A) Using the Gooey program, contact somebody and ask to exchang IP addresses.
B) Both players load up the Apprentice program and select "Connect via the Internet".
C) The person placing the call puts the opponents ISP (the #.#.#.# thingy at the bottom of the "connect to internet window") into the "Calling my Opponent" area.
D) The person recieving the call clicks on "Wating for Call"
E) Once connected the game should load up and you are on your way To PokeFun !!!
Use solitaire mode in order to build a deck and to figure out the controls BEFORE playing your first game.

Tournaments section

For Tournaments Monday - Friday 7:00pm eastern 6:00 pacific for offical tournaments for just playing the game come anytime.
at Pokemon League site located in the links section of our site.